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Pinoy Wiki is for those people that would want to post random and trivial articles about anything. There are no restrictions other than inappropriateness of the topic and grammar used. Topics could range from a guy/girl in your neighborhood, to a discrepancy in your wall, or even a rock that seems permanently stuck on one side of the street. Heck, it can also be used for self promotion, just observed proper margins.


Inappropriate content

Don't post articles that are meant to flame on people and other stuff. Sarcasm should be mild in humoring people in articles, though you can make up stories for your articles since we wouldn't even bother in checking the verifiability of the claim.

Inappropriate content includes:

  • Derogatory remarks (racial, discriminatory, obscene, etc)
  • Obscene and gory pictures
  • Flames and insults


English and Tagalog are acceptable. Please avoid using indecent vocabulary and its variants (i.e censored texts).


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